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Military Millennials: What the Research Reveals

Debt Student Loans Military Millennials
Written by Guest Blogger · 30 June 2015

By FINRA Investor Education Foundation Staff

Millennialsthose born between about 1978 and 1994came of age in an America that is different than it was for previous generations. They grew up in a country characterized by more racial diversity, a narrower gender gap in educational attainment, large increases in the cost of higher education and the defining events of September 11, 2001. They faced the economic challenges of the Great Recession early in their lives and/or careers. They are also the first “digitally native” generation, and the most educated generation in American history.


Military? Millennial? Now is the Best Time to Contribute to Your TSP

Retirement TSP MilitaryMillennial
Written by Guest Blogger · 25 June 2015

By Abigail C. Reid, Writer-Editor, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

If you’re a millennial (born in or after 1982) in the military, you might encounter a number of financial challenges unique to your career path and age group. But as you face these challenges, one of your best opportunities to save for your future is with the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). Below are the answers to some questions you might have about participating in the TSP.


I’m Still Young, Why Does Everyone Keep Bugging Me About Retirement?

Compound Interest Military Millennials Dollar Cost Averaging
Written by Guest Blogger · 18 June 2015

By Sandra Boenig, AFC®

You are probably hearing a lot about planning for retirement - there is so much information, so many ways to save, that it can be crazy and confusing. However, two simple concepts can help you save for ANY investment, including retirement. These concepts work even better if you start using them when you are young!


Three Must-Do Money Moves for Military Millennials

Emergency Savings MilitaryMillennials Car Buying
Written by Guest Blogger · 16 June 2015

By the USAA Educational Foundation

Life is full of decisions, some bigger or more impactful than others. This is fairly obvious.

What’s not so obvious is that some seemingly small decisions you make as a young person in the military – we’re talking about money decisions – can have life-changing consequences, both good and bad.


New Military Millennials Resource Packet Now Available

saving resource packet militarymillenials
Written by Laura Roler · 09 June 2015

Are you an organization that serves young adults in the military, ages 18-34, also known as Millennials or Generation Y? Are you a young adult in the military? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the new Military Millennials Resource Packet is for you!


Tip of the Day

  • Written by Guest Blogger | March 11, 2014

    The first step in getting out of #debt is to stop borrowing. Get tips on how to begin at

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Money on the Side

Written by Super User | November 26, 2010

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait -- A colonel in the 1st Theater Sustainment Command has money on his mind.

Army Col. George Fields, the Chief of Intelligence, or G2, has been teaching a free "Managing Your Money" class here in his spare time. More than 400 students have attended his six week-long class to learn more about increasing their own finances.


One Sailor's Course to Financial Freedom

Written by Super User | November 26, 2010

We all know its not easy to get out of debt once you in over your head. But it can be done with the sound advice and support that the Military Saves program offers. I am a testament to that. I was a recently divorced, single mother. Like many people I had credit card debt, a car loan, bad credit, and a low income job that never seemed to be enough to put food on the table.


On the Right Track to Build Wealth

Written by Super User | April 16, 2013

My name is Robina Wahl, and I am a military wife and a veteran. Although I am fairly new to the Military Saves Campaign, the message to “Build Wealth, Not Debt” reassured me that my husband and I were on the right track and doing the right things.