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Protect your accounts and reduce your risk

Automatic Savings Military Saves Week
Written by Guest Blogger · 26 February 2018

By Carol Kando-Pineda, Federal Trade Commission’s Military Consumer

The internet offers access to a world of savings products and services, as well as investment opportunities. At the same time, it creates opportunities for scammers, hackers, and identity thieves.

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Tablet and smart phone with financial planning apps open.

Make Your Financial Goals SMART and Your Savings Systematic

Savings Tips Financial Planning Military Saves Week
Written by Guest Blogger · 25 February 2018

By Dr. Barbara O’Neill, Financial Management Specialist, Rutgers Cooperative Extension

There are several important reasons to save money, including peace of mind and to have cash available for emergencies. Another motivating factor is to have money to achieve financial goals (e.g., buying a new car).

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Three sticky notes that read "past," "present," and "future" stuck to a blackboard with an arrow going from left to right under the word "Progress"

Save With a Plan

Military Saves Savings Tips Financial Planning
Written by Guest Blogger · 25 February 2018

By FINRA Investor Education Foundation

Do you have trouble finding cash to set aside in your savings account? You're not alone. Just two out of five American households report "good or excellent progress in meeting their savings needs," according to the 2017 America Saves Week survey.

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Female hand holding a pen and pointing to financial documents and graphs.

Bridging the Gap: Turning your Savings Goal into a Reality

Military Saves Savings Tips Financial Planning SMART goals
Written by Guest Blogger · 25 February 2018

By Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education

When it comes to savings, there are three undeniable truths. 

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New Military Saves Week Video: Set a goal, Make a plan, Save automatically!

Written by Darlene Aderoju · 22 February 2018

Just in time for Military Saves Week 2018, which is Feb. 26-March 2, a new video is encouraging service members and their families to focus on their savings and financial readiness.

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Tip of the Day

  • Written by Guest Blogger | September 30, 2014

    Participate in the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) - a retirement savings and investment plan for Federal employees and members of the Uniformed Services. It offers the same types of savings and tax benefits that many private corporations offer their employees under 401(k) plans. More info at

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When You Start Small, Saving is Easy

Written by Lila Quintiliani | August 12, 2019

When Attiyya first got married, she and her Marine husband had just graduated from college and were focused on paying off student loan debt. They had both attended private schools and had sizeable loans. Then three months after the wedding, the couple found out they were pregnant with their first child.

The first year of their marriage, says Attiyya, was a balancing act between paying down debt and saving for the future.


Making Saving Automatic Leads to Personal Success

Written by Lila Quintiliani | May 27, 2020

Ryan’s savings journey started when he was an active duty airman. Frequent deployments and temporary duty assignments gave him the opportunity to save. By the time he transitioned out of active duty, he had built up a healthy rainy-day fund and had started to aggressively save for retirement.


How Smart Financial Decisions Can Create Opportunities 

Written by | November 22, 2019

Written by Stephen Ross, America Saves Program Coordinator | November 22, 2019

Of the many stories Military Saves shares, most describe how someone was in dire straits financially and worked their way out of it with the help of Military Saves. This time we want to highlight a different kind of story. This is a story about how responsible financial decisions can build on one another to create opportunities you thought only the super-rich enjoy.