Financial Institution Awards

For Military Saves Week 2016, banks and credit unions are highly encouraged to apply for the America Saves Designation of Savings Excellence. The designation recognizes banks and credit unions that go above and beyond to encourage people to save money during America and Military Saves.
America Saves will recognize exceptional banks and credit unions that succeed in promoting savings or other wealth building accounts and have high levels of accounts opened or added to during America and Military Saves Week. America Saves will recognize not just one, but all banks and credit unions that achieve excellence during the week at the America Saves National Savings Forum.

Military Saves Week 2015 Award Winners

Armed Forces Bank, N.A., Fort Leavenworth, KS

  • Partnered with Army and Air Force Exchange Services (AAFES) for widespread promotion of Military Saves Week 2015.
  • Conducted promotional announcements via the AAFES announcement system. Announcements were made ten times per each day of MSW2015. Store   transaction counts measured over 5,000 during MSW 2015.
  • AAFES management, in collaboration with Armed Forces Bank, sent emails to all store employees during MSW 2015, encouraging saving in small
  • ways every day.
  • Personnel broadcasted the Military Saves message by wearing customized t-shirts, which read “Take the Plunge! Military Saves Week 2015”
  • throughout the week long celebration.
  • Conducted multiple table events at strategically selected, high visibility locations on the installation throughout Military Saves Week.
  • Shared literature and talked with attendees about saving, Military Saves, identity protection, credit, pledge cards bearing the Military Save pledge,    
  • and the various incentives offered by Armed Forces Bank during Military Saves Week.
  • Distributed over 950 promotional flyers and materials at these events in addition to distribution at 10 installation units, MWR, and all ATM locations.
  • Bank personnel contacted Savers who had pledged in 2014, congratulating them on their efforts to save and encouraging them to re-pledge and
  • re-commit to saving.
  • Engaged area elementary schools in Military Saves Week and financial education.
  • Distributed Military Saves literature to six elementary schools in the area and conducted a presentation on the importance of saving to approximately 81 fourth graders, all who signed certificates bearing the Military Saves Youth Pledge.
  • The principal of one school signed a Military Saves Proclamation that was predominantly displayed in the school during throughout Military Saves Week.
  • 1478 savers increased deposits to existing accounts, and 422 savers initiated automatic savings deposits.

Fort Hood National Bank, Fort Hood, TX

  • Partnered with the Financial Readiness Branch to setup Military Saves Pledge booths throughout the installation.
  • Booths were manned by bank employees, Command Financial Specialists, and representatives from the Financial Readiness Branch.
  • Bank employees obtained 1,355 pledges.
  • Provided a dedicated computer specifically for customers to take the online Military Saves Pledge.
  • Developed a communication strategy for Military Saves Week.
  • Sent an email blast to 18,433 customers promoting the Military Saves page on the bank website, which linked customers to the pledge form along with valuable savings information.
  • Distributed 10,000 flyers to promote the campaign.
  • Advertised Military Saves Week on the outdoor electronic sign.
  • Facilitated multiple financial awareness briefings during the month of February to reinforce the message of Military Saves Week.
  • Provided speakers, facilities, and other support to education efforts organized by the Financial Readiness Branch.
  • In total, bank employees briefed 1,223 soldiers.
  • Provided prizes to the Financial Readiness Branch for the winners of Financial Bingo and other games.
  • 3,406 savers added to existing accounts, 64 savers initiated automatic saving deposits, and 131 savers opened new accounts.

Navy Federal Credit Union, Naval Submarine Base New London, CT

  • Worked collaboratively with Fleet and Family Service Center staff to obtain a signed Commander’s Proclamation from installation Commanding and Executive Officers that were displayed within the branch throughout the campaign.
  • Obtained pledges from the base Commander and Executive Officer.
  • 21 informational tables were placed at numerous locations on-board the base throughout the month reached more than 500 service-members and their families.
  • Asked members to pledge and write on the "What I am Saving For" sign created by the branch.
  • Held a financial education presentation to approximately 145 attendees.
  • Provided information on financial services such as obtaining a free copy of their credit report, financial counseling, and establishing budgets.
  • 204 savers opened new accounts, 3675 savers added to existing accounts, and 68 savers established automatic savings deposits.

Pacific Marine Credit Union, Twentynine Palms, CA

  • Branch personnel participated in numerous collaborative events with installation uniformed enlisted leadership during the month of February to promote Military Saves.
  • Promoted Military Saves Week with posters, brochures, and electronic media.
  • Placed posters inside the lobby of Pacific Marine Credit Union, and flyers were posted at each work station.
  • Placed brochures at each of the five ATM locations on base.
  • Military Saves Week promotional information was scrolled continuously on the Digital Display TV in the lobby for the entire month of Military Saves.
  • Beginning in January 2015, employees began to inform every member/potential credit union member of the upcoming Military Saves Week and the special savings opportunities that would be happening during that time period.
  • A form was created by the staff to enable out-of-town members to participate in the savings program and establish new accounts during the promotional period.
  • Management sent emails to deployed Marines to inform them of Military Saves and invite them to participate.
  • The branch's continuous contact, education and informing to Marines resulted in new accounts opened this year with opening deposits totaling $48,475.00 for the promotional month.
  • 48 savers opened new accounts, 98 savers added to existing accounts, and 146 savers initiated automatic savings deposits.

The Association of Military Banks of America (AMBA) will host its Annual Workshop August 29-September 2, 2015 at the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Va. For more information, please visit:

The Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC) will host its Annual Conference August 16- August 19, 2015 at the Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV. For more information, please visit:

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