Campaign Coordinator Timeline

The following timeline suggests recommended dates and activities to assist the Installation Campaign Coordinator with the successful implementation of a Military Saves Week Campaign at the installation-level.  The timeline should be used in conjunction with the Campaign Coordinator Participation Kit.

Levels of Participation Grid: Choose what works best at your installation.
Use the participation grid in combination with this timeline document.


  • Coordinate with installation and unit commanders to identify “Military Saves” Unit Representatives to ensure 100% unit contact will be accomplished during the Week.
  • Set goals for campaign outreach and participation.
  • Reach out to installation Public Affairs and other base resources for assistance in getting the message of “Set a Goal, Make a Plan, Save Automatically” out to entire installation community using on base and off base methods including press releases.
  • Make contact with on-installation organizations to arrange for financial education programming.
  • Family readiness centers/youth centers
  • On-installation financial institutions
  • Reach out to off-installation organizations approved to provide financial education and resources.
  • Coordinate volunteers to assist with outreach, Pledge counts, and data entry during and after Military Saves Week activities.


  • Contact unit representatives to ensure that units incorporate Military Saves Week and messaging into all major programming and/or support delivery areas.  
  • Ensure that Military Saves Week activities are being promoted on the installation via print, email, posters, signage, giant voice and other resources.
  • Begin to track program participation for later reporting.


  • Installation Commander signs Proclamation for Military Saves Week.
  • Installation will conduct adult and youth-oriented programs and events emphasizing the importance of creating and maintaining a savings plan. Persons 14 & older may take the Military Saves Pledge.


  • All activities and events will be reported to chain of command and campaign coordinator at the conclusion of campaign Week for inclusion in the Military Saves Week After-Action Report and Reporting Survey. Final Pledge counts for Military Saves Week should be entered by March 31st.                                                                                                                                                                                     

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Savers Pledge Leads to Savings Success

My name is Rob and I am a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve. My financial success is a huge result of the Military Saves Campaign.

My journey began five years ago after marrying my wife, Lisa. We entered our marriage with no savings plan in sight, carrying debt and living in a tiny apartment. After seeing an advertisement for Military Saves, we decided to grab the reigns of our finances and implement a positive financial plan.


Regular Savings is the Key to Success

My name is Chris Strong. I joined the Air Force on 25 March, 1985. On that day, my financial life changed forever. I was introduced to saving bonds in Basic Training. Savings bonds were the big thing back then just like the Thrift Savings Plan is today. A Colonel gave us a briefing. I cannot remember his name but I can remember the 100 savings bonds he had posted to a piece of card board. He gave us a speech on the importance of saving money and how it can change your life. He inspired me to save.


Money on the Side

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait -- A colonel in the 1st Theater Sustainment Command has money on his mind.

Army Col. George Fields, the Chief of Intelligence, or G2, has been teaching a free "Managing Your Money" class here in his spare time. More than 400 students have attended his six week-long class to learn more about increasing their own finances.

"All I did was sit down and listen to a guy one day who showed me what he was doing" said the colonel as he explained how he became interested in what he calls, "becoming financially free."