Sample Commander's Proclamation


by the

Commander, (insert as appropriate)


WHEREAS, personal and household savings is fundamental to America’s stability and vitality; and

WHEREAS, adequate emergency savings, retirement funds, and safe debt-income ratios are critical components of personal financial security; and

WHEREAS, personal financial security of servicemembers is a crucial aspect of military readiness; and

WHEREAS, Military Saves is a national social marketing campaign to persuade, encourage, and motivate servicemembers and their families to take financial action in building wealth through saving money and reducing debt;

WHEREAS, (Service) Region (insert as appropriate) is a partner in the Military Saves campaign and is committed to helping its (Service) Family, including Officers, (Sailors, Airman, Soldiers), family members, retirees, and civilian employees take immediate financial action to build wealth, not debt;

                NOW, THEREFORE, I, (Rank and Name of Regional Commander), Commander, (insert as appropriate) do hereby proclaim the week of February 25 - March 2, 2019 as:


I HEREBY call upon all members of our (Service) Family to set a personal savings or debt reduction goal, make a simple savings plan, and take action on that plan, or take another positive wealth-building action during MILITARY SAVES WEEK, and pledge to sustain that action during the following year.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this (date) day of (month), (year).


(Full Name, Rank, Signature of Regional Commander)


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  • Rounding #debt and #mortgage payments up to the nearest $100 will get you out of debt years earlier.

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One That Almost Got Away

Brody Lockwood - Like a typical fledgling, I started down the track of financial indebtedness. Nineteen years old and nothing to lose. Credit - who need it? Savings - that was for older people with responsibility. Debt - my parents were in debt ergo it must be OK. When I was eligible for reenlistment, I reenlisted for a multiple of 3 worth $15K. I was happy to pay off my debt, but would I be able to stay out of debt?


60 Teens participate in Massachusetts Youth Saves Program

During the months of June & July, 60 teenagers aged 13-19 from Marine, Coast Guard, Army, and Air Force families attended Youth Saves programs across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to help increase their knowledge of financial literacy.


A Disciplined Approach to Saving

I just recently retired after 30 years of service with the Marine Corps. I truly enjoyed my time serving the Corps and I flourished in the disciplined environment. I also took a disciplined approach to saving. Here are some of the tactics I used-they are very low to moderate risk.