Military Life: Deployment, PCS Moves and TDYs, Oh My!

The costs associated with deployment, permanent change of station (PCS) moves, and temporary duty (TDY) bring unique financial challenges to service members and military families. This partner packet provides tools and resources that help service members and their families save money and overcome these financial challenges.

Please share the article, social media content, and resources provided in this partner packet with your constituents, your partners, and the general public. As always, please encourage individuals to take the Military Saves Pledge, an important first step in creating a plan to reach their savings and debt reduction goals. After all, savers with a plan are twice as likely to save successfully for things like emergencies and retirement.

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Understanding the Service Member Civil Relief Act Can Save You Money

Military life comes with its share of change—deployments and permanent change of station (PCS) moves—to name just a couple. And these changes may, at times, make it difficult to honor financial and legal commitments that were made prior to joining the military.

The Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) provides “protections for service members in the event that legal or financial transactions adversely affect their rights during military or uniformed service,” according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The SCRA provides the following protections for service members that could save them money and financial stress:

  1. Six percent credit cap on pre-service loans and credit protection from lenders when invoking SCRA.
  2. Legal protections from default judgments in civil cases.
  3. Special protection again the foreclosure of their homes if they purchased the residence before going into active duty service.
  4. Protections against repossession of pre-service property, including vehicles.
  5. Rights to terminate housing and automobile leases signed before entering the service or when PCS orders arrive.

Additionally, SCRA also allows you to terminate your cell phone contract if you move to a location that doesn’t offer coverage with your current provider. It also offers some taxation protection. So, in its essence, the SCRA helps ensure that service members are not penalized legally or monetarily for their military service.

Know your rights under the SCRA. It could save you money on things, such as cell phone plans you can no longer use when deployed or apartment leases you need to break to move for the military.

Additional SCRA Resources:

Consumer Finance Protection Bureau: SCRA Fact Sheet Getting to Know the SCRA SCRA SCRA SCRA

Alecia D. Blair, AFC®, is the Director of Military Saves, a nonprofit program, which seeks to motivate, encourage, and support low- to moderate-income households to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth. Learn more at

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Military life can cause unexpected expenses. Save for a rainy day by creating an emergency fund. >> v/@MilitarySaves #SavingsTipTuesday


Planning for retirement? Don’t forget to automate your contributions into the #BlendedRetirementSystem. >> v/@MilitarySaves #SavingsTipTuesday


Don’t limit spring cleaning to your home; it’s time to clean up your finances too. >> v/@MilitarySaves #SavingsTipTuesday


Shop smart for your next PCS move with these money saving tips. >>  v/@MilitarySaves #SavingsTipTuesday


Calling all SMs: learn some basic training tips to invest wisely. >> v/@MilitarySaves #SavingsTipTuesday



Did you know the SMs Civil Relief Act allows you to end a housing lease without paying a fee if you deploy for 90 days or more? @MilitarySaves #SavingsFactFriday


Looking to buy a home? You can take out a VA Loan from an individual bank. >> v/@MilitarySaves #SavingsFactFriday



You can place an “active duty alert” on your credit report and reduce your risk of identity theft during deployment. @MilitarySaves #SavingsFactFriday


About 60 percent of SMs don’t have enough money saved up to cover three months of expenses, start saving today so you can break the cycle. >> v/@MilitarySaves #SavingsFactFriday


You can use your special deployment pay as an opportunity to jumpstart your savings. @MilitarySaves #SavingsFactFriday



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