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Written by Reid Frankhauser · 01 May 2019

Now there’s a new way to sign up to receive goal-based text messages from Military Saves! You can either sign up when you take the Pledge online, or you can simply

Text MilitarySaves to 877877

Through these goal-based text messages tips and reminders, you will be encouraged, supported, and motivated to save toward your goal!

Our research shows that individuals who receive regular goal-based text message reminders save more money than people who do not.

Top saving goals Military Savers choose:

  1.  Emergency Fund
  2. Retirement
  3. Reducing Debt
  4. Education
  5. General (All other goals)

Money and Moving: Avoid a PCS Financial Fiasco

Written by · 26 April 2019

Spring is in the air and in the military community that means one thing: thousands of families across the globe have just received orders and are getting ready to move to a new duty station. Being financially prepared for a move is just as important as hand carrying important paperwork and having good movers.

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PCSing? Here’s a great tip from @MilitarySaves: One of the biggest factors in determining your auto #insurance rate is your address. Be sure to update your address and shop around for the best rate and coverage.

Learn more here: http://bit.ly/2vhEgWp
#Military #PCS

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#PCS Pro Tip: Something as simple as forgetting to forward your address can create a snowball effect. Not receiving your bills means potentially not paying on time and penalties, which could impact your credit score.

Get more PCS and #Financial tips by visiting @MilitarySaves

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It’s #PCS season! Hopefully you have a moving fund set up to account for expenses. If not, having a yard sale is a great way to raise quick cash. Roll any not used during the move to your #emergency fund. Get more #savings tips @MilitarySaves  

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Add this tip from @MilitarySaves to your #PCS Checklist: Keep all your personal documents with you, including passports, birth certificates, POAs, and especially IEPs to help the school registration process. #Military #EFMP

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#PCS Tip: The last thing you need in the middle of moving to a new duty station is constantly looking up account numbers and logins. Create a master list of all accounts (both physical and digital copies) for easy access.

Find more tips 👉 http://bit.ly/2UzlvrE @MilitarySaves

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Readers of @MilitarySaves swear by this #PCS hack! Visit them to find new ways to make the move to your next duty station smooth. Then take the pledge to start working toward your next #financial goal. #DebtFree #Invest #MilitaryRetirement #Savings 👉 bit.ly/2UzlvrE

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#MilitaryFamilies: Did you know @HomeDepot and @Lowes have a year round discount? There are so many great companies that offer #militarydiscounts during #NationalMilitaryAppreciationMonth and beyond. #NMAM #MilitaryAppreciationMonth @MilitarySaves

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The SCRA provides benefits and legal protections allowing military families to navigate #PCS moves more smoothly, including the ability to terminate housing and auto leases. Check the @CFPB factsheet, then follow @MilitarySaves for more #financial tips. http://bit.ly/2L1FFLG

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During a #PCS, each rank has a household goods weight limit. If you exceed that limit, you will have to pay an overage fee. Don’t forget, you have the right to be present for a re-weigh. #Save money and avoid this costly mistake. @MilitarySaves  #financialtips

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Be diligent in keeping all receipts related to your #PCS in a central location. In the event that you require reimbursement from the government, you will need the accompanying receipt. @MilitarySaves #PCStip. Visit their website for more #financial tips: http://bit.ly/2UzlvrE

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Military Saves

Understanding the Service Member Civil Relief Act Can Save You Money

Preparing for a PCS Move?

Military Life: Deployment, PCS Moves, and TDYs, Oh My!

The Tale of Two Rentals: How to Compare Your Rental Options During a PCS 

Other Resources

FINRA Investor Education Foundation Money & Mobility

Military Consumer Buying a Home – Active Duty

USAA Educational Foundation Buying or Renting a Home

Internal Revenue Service Moving Expenses for Members of the Armed Forces

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA )

Military OneSource PCS - The Basics About Permanent Change of Station

Military OneSource Moving - Benefits

Department of Defense It’s Your Move


Blog Posts

How to Save Money When You Move with the Military

Military moves are expensive. Whether it’s buying all new condiments for your pantry, paying for a “move out” housecleaning, or eating out more often while waiting for your pots and pans to be delivered, the bills seem to pile up. Military Saves reached out to bloggers who also happen to be PCS pros to ask for tips for keeping PCS costs down.

View blog post

Financial Tips for Your Next PCS Move

Courtesy of the FINRA Foundation

Military families move all the time, but to prepare for a life of moves, you need to know what to expect both before and after a move. That means asking a lot of questions and doing some research. Know the costs involved, make a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) plan, and set aside funds specifically ear-marked as a PCS fund.

The following tips can help you plan financially for your next move.

View blog post

PCS Costs and How to Manage Them

PCSing is a fact of military life and can often be an exhilarating adventure for service members and their families. I mean, you joined to see the world, right? However, being unprepared for a move can be costly and stressful and can actually cause you to dread a relocation every few years. Military.com estimates that service members spend about $1,725 in NON-reimbursable costs for each move, and if you haven’t accounted for that in savings, you can easily find yourself with mounting debt.

It’s no secret that moving is expensive, and even though the military covers the bulk of moving costs, there are always out-of-pocket expenses. So just how do the experts suggest managing the myriad costs of a PCS? We’ve compiled some of the most popular ways here.

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Financial Capability Month

Written by · 29 March 2019

April is National Financial Capability Month when the Financial Literacy and Education Commission (FLEC) and the Ready Campaign encourage people to improve their financial futures and to be prepared when disaster strikes. This resource packet focusses on actions you can take now to make sure you are ready for any financial disaster, big or small.

To be a part of the Financial Capability Month conversation, share these blogs, social media content, graphics, and resources with your clients, partners, and the general public. Encourage others to receive Partner Resource Packets from Military Saves in the future by signing up to receive news and updates from Military Saves.

In This Packet:

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Relevant Resources

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Blog Content

For use in communications that directly reach your constituents. We encourage you to use this content as guest posts or rewrite Military Saves content as your own.


Three Ways to Improve Your Financial Capability Now

By Military Saves

April is National Financial Capability Month, a time to encourage everyone to improve their financial futures and to be prepared when disaster strikes. Here are three actions you can take now to make sure you are ready for any financial disaster, big or small.


Five Money Concepts to Practice in the Military

By Lacey Langford

Military Money Expert Lacey Langford shares five money concepts that service members and their families should practice.


Challenge Your Money Assumptions Now

By Ryan Guina

Military vet and personal finance writer Ryan Guina, founder and editor of theMilitaryWallet and CashMoneyLife, encourages us to challenge our money assumptions to make headway with our savings.


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Social Media Content

Share the following messages with your followers.


Saving is the best financial defense against disasters. A little bit at a time can go a long way. Learn more on how to save smart: https://www.usa.gov/flec @MilitarySaves #FinancialFuture2019 #FinancialCapabilityMonth

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Automating your savings can take the guesswork out of reaching your savings goals. Make sure to set up automated regular transfers with your bank or credit union.https://bit.ly/2jADRus @MilitarySaves #SavingsTipTuesday #FinancialCapabilityMonth

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Never miss a credit payment! According to @USAAEF, 35 percent of your FICO credit score is based on your payment history. >> https://bit.ly/2zVezAl @MilitarySaves #WednesdayWisdom #FinancialCapabilityMonth

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Take advantage of #compoundinterest by saving early & #saving often! http://ow.ly/Bfk8x @MilitarySaves #FinancialCapabilityMonth

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Saving your money shouldn't be an uphill battle. Take the @MilitarySaves pledge today and build your savings plan:https://bit.ly/2mmkFSz #SavingsFactFri #FinancialCapabilityMonth

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Twitter Chat

Plan for the Unexpected
Date: Wednesday, April 10
Time: 1:00 pm Eastern
Hosts: The Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) Individual and Community Preparedness Division (@Ready.gov) and (@FEMA)
Hashtag: #FinancialChat
This TwitterChat #FinancialChat explores what it means to be financially capable. Participants will learn from experts about how to set financial goals, build a budget, and plan for unexpected events.


Money Matters: Resources for Youth in Financial Preparedness
Date: Wednesday, April 17
Time: 4:00 pm Eastern
Hosts: The Federal Emergency Management Agencyís (FEMA) Individual and Community Preparedness Division (@Ready.gov) and (@FEMA)
Guest Presenter: Amelia OíRourke-Owens, Director of Youth Financial Capability, America Saves
This webinar will explore the importance of saving and provide tips on how to encourage saving for youth.

#FinHealthMatters Day

Date: Thursday, April 25
Hosts: Center for Financial Services Innovation (@CFSInnovations)
Mark your calendars and help us once again bring attention to Americansí financial health through this social media campaign.


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Helpful Resources

Use and share the following resources with your audience and with partnering organizations.

From Military Saves

Financial Spring Cleaning: 5 Things You Should Do Now

Tips on Where to Keep Your Emergency Savings

Save for Emergencies

Make a Plan: How to Save

Assess Your Savings Plan


From Others

This month we're highlighting MyArmyBenefits, the US Army official benefits website. This site allows you to:

There is live phone help from benefits experts from 9 am-5 pm Monday through Friday.

Emergency Financial First Aid Kit courtesy FEMA

Military Family Preparedness courtesy Ready.gov

Find Out Your Financial Well-Being courtesy CFPB

Start an Emergency Fund courtesy of FINRA Foundation

Preparing Financially for Kids courtesy USAA Community

Financial Field Manual: A Personal Finance Guide for Military Families courtesy of the Investor Protection Trust, Investor Protection Institute and Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine


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Share Your Savings Tip or Story

Written by · 15 April 2019

Save the Extra

Written by Tammy G. Bruzon · 04 February 2019

Tip of the Day

  • Written by Guest Blogger | March 21, 2014

    Having emergency #savings may be the most important way to stay afloat financially. 5 Tips on how to start one: http://ow.ly/rswS2

Saver Stories View all »

A Plan for Success

Written by Super User | April 26, 2012

I’m Staff Sergeant Robert Zuniga and I have been an active duty Air Force medic for eight years. I plan on staying in long enough so that I can retire at 20 years. I have always been interested in personal finance and would like to share how it IS possible for me and my stay-at-home wife and two kids to not only save and invest a ton of money but also have a lot of responsible fun as well on 'low' enlisted pay. You CAN do it too!

First off, we write down our goals and separate wants from needs.


Setting a Goal Leads to Success

Written by Super User | May 24, 2019

Growing up, Marisa’s dad had always talked about saving first, but she said she didn’t really internalize it until much later. “I was drifting along with no plan, carrying a little bit of revolving debt, saving some money here and there, but without a real plan for it.”


On the Right Track to Build Wealth

Written by Super User | April 16, 2013

My name is Robina Wahl, and I am a military wife and a veteran. Although I am fairly new to the Military Saves Campaign, the message to “Build Wealth, Not Debt” reassured me that my husband and I were on the right track and doing the right things.

I have always been pretty responsible when it comes to saving and living within my means, but I was not prepared for the unpredictable employment lifestyle of being a Reservist and military spouse.