Military Saves Week 2018 Digital Toolkit

Ready to get your Military Saves Week plans started before the New Year? This year, we're releasing our Military Saves Week Digital Toolkit early outlining the daily themes, sample social media posts, graphics, and important resources in advance of the launch of the complete digital kit in January. Check back often as we will be adding new content through January 2018.

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Military Saves Week's Daily Savings Focus

We encourage you to promote these savings strategies each day during the Week:

Monday, February 26: Save with a plan

Savers with a plan can be over twice as likely to save successfully for things like retirement. Encourage service members to start their savings habit during Military Saves Week by setting a savings goal and making a plan to achieve that goal. It all starts with taking the Military Saves Pledge, and during Military Saves Week those who take the pledge will be entered in our annual #ImSavingFor Contest for a chance to win up to $750. Our 2017 Military Saver Survey found that 58 percent of Military Savers report they are saving regularly since taking the pledge.

Tuesday, February 27: Save the easy way...automatically

It can be hard to put aside money for savings, but there is an easy way to encourage service members to save money without ever missing it by making their savings automatic in 2018. Have them set up an allotment from their pay via myPay, preferably to an account that is separate from their regular checking. Or service members can use their banking institution's bill pay system to automatically transfer money from their checking account to a separate savings account.

Wednesday, February 28: Save for rainy days

A rainy day fund or emergency fund consists of an amount of money in a savings account separate from a checking account. For military service members, permanent change of station (PCS) moves, temporary duty (TDY), and deployments are a constant in military life. While a military paycheck is predictable twice a month, these life changes bring significant income volatility and increases or decreases in expenses, which can make a service member's budget a moving target. Service members should have funds set aside specifically or these events.

Thursday, March 1: Save to retire

Retirement was reported as the top savings goal for Military Savers, according to our 2017 Military Saver Survey. Beginning January 1, 2018, service members who are eligible for the new Blended Retirement System will be able to begin opting into the new system. But before they do so they need to make sure they are fully educated on all of their retirement options. Military Saves, in collaboration with the Department of Defense's Office of Financial Readiness has put together a Five-Step Blended Retirement System Checklist to Success

Friday, March 2: Save the extra

We're more likely to save a windfall than a small amount consistently over a long period of time. Hack that psychology by encouraging service members and their families to save things like bonuses, raises, and tax refunds. This tax season, they can get ahead of their financial goals by saving at least $50, and reward themselves with SaveYourRefund by entering to win one of over 100 prizes up to $10,000.

Saturday, March 3: Save as a family

Good savings habits start at home. Whether a family is budgeting, saving, making retirement decisions, or assessing workplace benefits, service members should share the choices they make with their children, no matter their age. It's never too early to learn the habit of saving!

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Military Saves Week Promotional Video

 >> View the Military Saves Week video, produced by USAA Educational Foundation.

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Sample #MSW18 Tweets and Posts

Follow @MilitarySaves on Twitter. Like and promote the Military Saves Facebook page. Promote the hashtag #MSW18 in any savings or Military Saves Week content at the end of each tweet and post.

Posts encouraging sharing Military Saves Week with partners:

Posts encouraging saving during Military Saves Week:

Do you know the easiest way to save is automatically? This Military Saves Week, consider setting up a split deposit to transfer $ directly to your savings account every paycheck: #MSW18

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Getting a large check from the IRS? You could win BIG for saving just $50 of your #taxrefund with @SaveYourRefund. Learn more: #MSW18

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Savers with a plan are 2x more likely to save for #retirement, have a rainy day fund, and stick to a budget. Take the @militarysaves pledge and make a plan for your money today: #MSW18

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Having a plan for your money is the first step to saving. @MilitarySaves Week is the perfect time to assess your savings goals, make a plan and begin saving: #MSW18

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Fifty-eight percent of Military Savers are saving regularly since taking the @MilitarySaves Pledge. Take the pledge now and make a commitment to save: #MSW18

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Get tips on avoiding debt, understanding credit ratings, and creating a realistic budget from @USAAEF > h/t @MilitarySaves #MSW18

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A spending plan gives you control over your money. Check out these 6 steps to creating a spending plan: via @FinraFoundation h/t @MilitarySaves #MSW18

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Sample Article

We encourage you to use the blog content below in your website, email, or other content marketing strategies.

Find Your Financial Fitness This Military Saves Week

By Alecia D. Blair, Military Saves Director, AFC® Candidate, FINRA Foundation Fellow

Set a goal. Make a plan. Save automatically. This Military Saves tagline and motto may sound easy enough, but what exactly does it mean?

What we're really talking about is creating healthy savings habits. But isn't a habit a negative thing? Not when it comes to doing these three things and making it a part of the way you live your financial life.

It's said that it takes 21 days to create a habit. This Military Saves Week, Feb. 26-March 3, 2018, start creating healthy financial habits by taking the Military Saves Pledge to set your savings goal. Then complete one step each week through the first part of March and be on your way to financial fitness just in time for spring. You can do it! 

(Click image to download and print.)

Military Saves Week is coordinated by Military Saves. The Week is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own savings status.

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Tip of the Day

  • Written by Guest Blogger | April 25, 2014

    Develop a long-term plan for financial readiness by creating financial goals and striving for milestones. Positive outcomes usually start with a goal and a vision.

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