Set a Goal: What to Save For

Written by Katie Bryan · 03 December 2013

Saving money, improving your financial life, building wealth. It all starts when you set a goal and make a plan to reach that goal. So what is your goal? Set up an emergency cash fund? Get out of debt? Make a down payment on a car or home? Sock away money for college or retirement?


Memorandums and Endorsements

Written by Katie Bryan · 25 November 2013

DoD 2019 Military Saves Week Memo

Military Saves Week:
Set a goal, Make a plan, Save automatically!

>> View the Military Saves Week video, generously produced by USAA Educational Foundation.


Army Reserve Family Programs Military Saves Week endorsement video featuring LTG Luckey and Mrs. Luckey


Military Saves Campaign Video Endorsement with Senior Enlisted Advisor and Combatant Command Senior Enlisted Leader Spouses

DoD Military Saves Campaign Video Endorsement with
SEAC, National Guard Bureau CMSgt. Mitchell O. Brush and Mrs. Blair Brush

Military Saves Campaign 2016 Endorsements

Army Reserve

  • "It is critical that command teams at all levels communicate the significance of financial readiness for Soldiers and their Families. A Soldier's financial well-being has a direct impact to unit readiness. Command teams must prioritize the financial well-being of our Army Reserve Soldiers by educating their ranks about the Military Saves Campaign and how it applies to the individuals within their command. The Military Saves Campaign reinforces personal financial responsibility. It is the duty of every Army Reserve leader to practice financial responsibility and impart its importance to others."
    ~Lt. Gen. Jeffrey W. Talley, Chief of Army Reserve and Commanding General of U.S. Army Reserve Command

Government Agency

  • "The Army's Financial Readiness Program is a proud partner of Military Saves. To celebrate Military Saves Week 2016, Army installations around the world have released commander proclamations in support of the week and are planning financial readiness fairs, seminars and other special events. Military Saves Week is truly a world-wide financial readiness collaboration, and we are proud to be a part of it, encouraging Soldiers and their Families to save."
    ~Panesha G. Johnson, M.Ed, Financial Readiness and AER Program Manager, HQ Installation Management Command, G9, Family and MWR Programs
  • "Making a small change in the way you save now could make a big difference in the long term. Setting up automatic deposits to a savings or retirement account can be a great way to save for your future. Making a plan, setting a goal, and saving automatically can lead to success. Become a Military Saver now and watch your money grow!"
    ~Assistant Director for Servicemember Affairs, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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Military Saves Reports

Written by Katie Bryan · 25 November 2013


2019 Military Saves Saver Survey Results

The 2019 Military Saves Saver Survey analyzes trends related to savings and the financial readiness of service members and families. The results will help to not only improve our program but to help our supporting organizations better understand the realities the military community faces when it comes to finances.

Click here to download the Military Saves survey results report.

America Saves Week/Military Saves Week 2019 Annual Report

Incredible progress was made in attacking the savings crisis through your efforts and activities during America Saves Week and Military Saves Week 2019. With engagement from over 2,000 organizations across the U.S., 40,000 Americans created savings plans and were motivated to assess their financial behaviors. Download the report

Military Saves 2018 Annual Report

For more than 15 years, Military Saves has motivated military families to save money and focus on their financial readiness. As the initiative celebrates this milestone, it is reimagining itself as a program that is more than a week-long campaign or pledge. Download the report

Military Saves Week 2017 Annual Report

Military Saves Week (the last week in February) is an annual opportunity for installations and organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for service members and their families to assess their own saving status. Military Saves Week is a worldwide financial readiness celebration! Check out how Military Saves Week 2017 happened at installations and organizations around the world! Download the report

Military Saves Week Materials

Written by Katie Bryan · 25 November 2013

Participation Guidelines

Toolkit and Downloads

Sample Materials


Tip of the Day

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Saver Stories View all »

When You Start Small, Saving is Easy

When Attiyya first got married, she and her Marine husband had just graduated from college and were focused on paying off student loan debt. They had both attended private schools and had sizeable loans. Then three months after the wedding, the couple found out they were pregnant with their first child.

The first year of their marriage, says Attiyya, was a balancing act between paying down debt and saving for the future.


Involving Kids in Family Finances

Written by | April 19, 2019


One of the best lessons we can share with our kids is about money. By middle school, kids should have a good understanding of how money works as well as the importance of saving.


How Smart Financial Decisions Can Create Opportunities 

Written by Stephen Ross, America Saves Program Coordinator | November 22, 2019

Of the many stories Military Saves shares, most describe how someone was in dire straits financially and worked their way out of it with the help of Military Saves. This time we want to highlight a different kind of story. This is a story about how responsible financial decisions can build on one another to create opportunities you thought only the super-rich enjoy.