Changing Where You Stay? Update Your TSP Account In MyPay

By Kisha A. Taylor, Writer/Editor, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board 

Think about it: How many times has your address changed since you’ve started contributing to the TSP? If you’re like many of your fellow military members, you’ve probably PCS’d more than a few times.

With all of the chaos that comes with relocating, changing the mailing address associated with your TSP account may not be at the top of your list. However, it is important that you update the TSP section of your myPay account each time your address changes so that you will continue to receive correspondence from the TSP.

You should verify that the TSP has your current address by calling the TSP ThriftLine (1-877-968-3778) or by checking your statements on the My Account section of the TSP website ( Be sure to check information such as the house or unit number and the spellings of the street and city names. These simple steps will reduce errors and save you time and frustration. If the information we have on file is invalid or old, you risk not being able to access your account.

Let’s say you’re about to deploy and you realize you’ve forgotten the password to your TSP account.* You request a new one with the hope that it will reach you before you leave. The TSP sends your replacement password to the address on record— the old address of your first duty station—and you deploy without having received it. Unfortunately, this could make it extremely difficult to move money or even view your account while you’re away.

Want to avoid these risks and prevent missing out on important TSP communications? Here’s how to update your TSP address:

  1. While you are active, going to the TSP section of myPay is the quickest and easiest way to update your TSP mailing address. You should know that the “Correspondence Address” section of myPay will NOT update your information with the TSP. You MUST to go to the TSP section of myPay in order to change your TSP address.
  2. On the other hand, if you are separated from service, you can view and change your address by logging into the My Account section of the TSP website or complete and print a Form TSP-9, Change in Address for Separated Participant, to submit by mail or fax.

Whether you relocate down the block, across the country, or to another part of the world, we’d like to keep in touch. Although it may seem minor, maintaining a current address is key to staying connected to your TSP retirement savings account.

*If you forget your Web password, you can request a new one at; it will be mailed to you. Or, you may call 1-877-968-3778, choose option 3 to speak to a Participant Service Representative, and request that your password be reset.