New Military Millennials Resource Packet Now Available

Are you an organization that serves young adults in the military, ages 18-34, also known as Millennials or Generation Y? Are you a young adult in the military? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the new Military Millennials Resource Packet is for you!

Military Saves’ goal is to promote the importance of savings and encourage servicemembers and families to take financial action, and we have put this resource packet together with you in mind!

This resource packet contains lots of information about saving strategies, debt, and life milestones that financially affect Military Millennials, including:

  • a sample article
  • suggestions for social media content and
  • tools and resources

Click, enjoy, and please use this information to spread the message of saving: Set a goal. Make a plan. Save automatically.




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Money on the Side

Written by Super User | November 26, 2010

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait -- A colonel in the 1st Theater Sustainment Command has money on his mind.

Army Col. George Fields, the Chief of Intelligence, or G2, has been teaching a free "Managing Your Money" class here in his spare time. More than 400 students have attended his six week-long class to learn more about increasing their own finances.

"All I did was sit down and listen to a guy one day who showed me what he was doing" said the colonel as he explained how he became interested in what he calls, "becoming financially free."


Involving Kids in Family Finances

Written by | April 19, 2019


One of the best lessons we can share with our kids is about money. By middle school, kids should have a good understanding of how money works as well as the importance of saving.


Savers Pledge Leads to Savings Success

Written by Super User | October 13, 2011

My name is Rob and I am a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve. My financial success is a huge result of the Military Saves Campaign.

My journey began five years ago after marrying my wife, Lisa. We entered our marriage with no savings plan in sight, carrying debt and living in a tiny apartment. After seeing an advertisement for Military Saves, we decided to grab the reigns of our finances and implement a positive financial plan.