Dollar Store Finds can be Holiday Treasure Troves

October 31, 2013

Budgeting for the holidays is just as important if not more important as monthly budgeting. It can be extra helpful when you are trying to decrease spending on holiday décor, gifts, and meals. A practice that has worked for me is purchasing many holiday items at discount discount dollar stores.I’m not speaking of the so called “dollar stores” of yesteryear – you know the ones that were dusty and boring, that looked like they were only good for generic paper goods and cleaning supplies. Thankfully, times have changed, and now holiday shoppers can find the most surprising deals at these discount stores.

one dollar billsYou can find holiday treasures including home and party décor, holiday candy, tableware, and more. For the Halloween holiday in particular, it can be a treasure chest of costumes, candy, party games, and more. At my local dollar store, I found fairy wings, witch wigs, cowboy hats, Hawaiian leis, and even Frankenstein teeth! Who knew! There were also gadgets and games for parties, creepy candy bowls, and festive welcome mats.

Be careful when patronizing these dollar discount stores and make sure that you make a list and add any dollar store item purchases to your monthly budget so that you don’t get lured into buying items that you don’t really need. You may go in planning to buy five items and end up picking up 25.

For Thanksgiving and religious holidays, you can find dish towels, dinnerware, gift wrap, home décor, and even baking ingredients at a fraction of grocery and department store prices. My favorites are the tree ornaments, wreaths, holiday tableware and placements, serving platters and bowls –but I love novelty party and holiday items.

Please note that “dollar stores” differ in their variety of quality selections. There are nationwide store chains, which sell every single item in the store for literally one dollar. Others sell items at great bargain prices that don’t generally exceed $10. These stores offer great bargains just like traditional dollar stores. In addition, they may sell items like clothing, electronics, and other items that are more than $1. Apparel such as t-shirts and socks, health and beauty products, and name brand liquid hand soap can be purchased at a lower price than you would find at a grocery, drug, or mega department store. Similar $5 and $10 stores have also become a popular destination with teens and pre-teens with their offering of cell phone accessories, novelty books, games, and of course, holiday novelty items.

There are also online dollar stores that allow you to buy online! Why is this great news? Because if you are a dinner and holiday party addict like myself and are looking to purchase lots of party favors or trinkets, this is the way to go, rather than loading up your car and lugging it all home yourself.

Have you gotten excited yet? If not, then you need to Google “dollar stores” to find what there is to get excited about! These stores have numerous gift, party and everyday staples that you can’t find anywhere else at such great prices. Don’t discount the great finds you can get for your family and future party guests. Go check one out and see what you can save on your holiday shopping today. With the money you save by purchasing items at these bargain stores you can give you self the peace of mind you deserve this holiday season by saving money for emergencies that may also happen around this time.

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