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Predatory Practices Target Your Military Family: Financial Preparedness During Transition

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Written by Guest Blogger · 17 October 2017

By Skylar Crowley, Sales & Marketing Assistant, BBB serving San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties

Military service members and families are familiar with change and transition. Because of their frequent mobility, military personnel are highly targeted by predatory business practices. A firm financial footing, scam awareness and identity theft prevention are essential to safeguarding service members through periods of change.

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2017 Military Saves Survey: Unexpected expenses the top savings challenge

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Written by Lani Poblete · 12 October 2017

Military Saves recently released the results of its 2017 Military Saves Saver Survey, which details the savings goals and challenges of Military Savers. The survey revealed that unexpected expenses are the top savings challenge for Military Savers (45 percent), followed by others depending on their income (30 percent). Retirement came in as the top savings goal (23 percent), followed by debt repayment (22 percent).

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It's Mission Critical to Create a Financial Plan For Your Future

Savings Tips Personal Finance Retirement Savings Blended Retirement System
Written by Guest Blogger · 03 October 2017

By the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy 

It’s mission critical to create a financial plan for your future. If you haven’t done so already, it’s a perfect time to get started since this week (October 2-8, 2017) is World Investor Week. This global effort, promoted by the International Organization of Securities Commissions to raise awareness of the importance of investor education and protection, marks the first time securities regulators on six continents will join together to highlight what it means to be a smart investor, as well as ways to avoid fraud. A key best practice promoted by World Investor Week is to plan for and invest according to your future needs and goals. One of the most important goals you can plan for is your retirement.

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Affected by the recent natural disasters? These resources can help.

Emergency Fund Emergency Savings
Written by Lani Poblete · 29 September 2017

If you are a military service member or veteran affected by recent natural disasters, you are undoubtedly facing unexpected emotional, physical and financial stress. But know that there are many emergency financial resources available specifically to you—our nation's service members and veterans.

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Tip of the Day

  • Written by Tammy G. Bruzon | February 3, 2017

    Savers with a plan are 2x more likely to save for #retirement, have emergency savings, and stick to a budget - @MilitarySaves #MSW2017

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Savers Pledge Leads to Savings Success

Written by Super User | October 13, 2011

My name is Rob and I am a Staff Sergeant in the Marine Corps Reserve. My financial success is a huge result of the Military Saves Campaign.

My journey began five years ago after marrying my wife, Lisa. We entered our marriage with no savings plan in sight, carrying debt and living in a tiny apartment. After seeing an advertisement for Military Saves, we decided to grab the reigns of our finances and implement a positive financial plan.


Regular Savings is the Key to Success

Written by Super User | November 26, 2010

My name is Chris Strong. I joined the Air Force on 25 March, 1985. On that day, my financial life changed forever. I was introduced to saving bonds in Basic Training. Savings bonds were the big thing back then just like the Thrift Savings Plan is today. A Colonel gave us a briefing. I cannot remember his name but I can remember the 100 savings bonds he had posted to a piece of card board. He gave us a speech on the importance of saving money and how it can change your life. He inspired me to save.


Making Savings a Part of Marriage

Written by Super User | November 26, 2010

Capt. Rob Eckhardt is the first to admit that he hasn’t always been responsible with money. But less than 10 years after a rocky start to saving, Eckhardt reports that he and his wife are free from credit card debt, have a down payment on a home, and are saving regularly for retirement. And, as the Military Saves representative for his Air Force squadron, he’s helping others make similar progress.