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Set a Goal: Pay Off High-Interest Debt

Written by Super User · 26 February 2013

Set a Goal : Pay Off High-Interest Debt

By Lila Quintiliani, AFC®
Military Saves Assistant Coordinator
Communication & Outreach

A 2010 FINRA Foundation study found that over 30% of military families have $10,000 or more in debt.  As we have talked about in previous blogs, debt can have serious implications: it is a stressor in families and marriages, it can affect how much one pays for a car loan, insurance, utilities, and a host of other items, and, perhaps most importantly, it can cause the loss of one’s military career.  But there is one other major impact – high-interest debt is time lost on saving for a better financial future.  That’s why, on this second day of Military Saves Week 2013, we are asking Savers to pledge to pay off high-interest debt.  

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Set a Goal: Save for Emergencies

Emergency Fund Tax Refund
Written by Super User · 25 February 2013

Set a Goal:  Save for Emergencies

By Lila Quintiliani, AFC®
Military Saves Assistant Coordinator
Communication & Outreach

The strange thing about emergencies is that even though you may not know the specifics in advance, you can bet with a high degree of certainty that at some point something unexpected will happen.   And this something will require an outlay of money.  The microwave will die.  The brakes will need replacing.  The kids will need dental work.   And these things usually happen sooner rather than later.   That is why, on this first day of Military Saves Week, we are asking that those who take the Military Saves Pledge consider pledging to save for emergencies

Your financial action for today: open a separate savings account, if you don’t already have one, as an emergency fund.  If you have an emergency fund and do not have at least $500-1000 in it, pledge to save more each month until you reach that goal.

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MyMilitaryLife: Providing Financial Resources Specific to Your Military Needs in the Palm of Your Hands

Mobile App
Written by Super User · 22 February 2013

MyMilitaryLife: Providing Financial Resources Specific to your Military Needs in the Palm of Your Hands

February 22, 2013
By Joyce Raezer
Executive Director at the National Military Family Association

The National Military Family Association ( has been at the forefront of promoting financial literacy and education for military families. From our work on Capitol Hill to combat predatory lending practices to partnering with the Department of Defense Financial Readiness Campaign, we understand the importance of connecting military families with the proper resources. Our Association is a Military Saves founding partner and we are proud of this year’s theme: ‘Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically.’ Today’s financial environment, not to mention the looming budget cuts, presents many challenges and uncertainties to military families. We believe that financial readiness is a critical component of family readiness and is intertwined with every phase of military life.

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How to Get Financially Fit: Preparing for the What-Ifs

Debt Emergency Savings Retirement Savings Spending
Written by Super User · 21 February 2013

How to Get Financially Fit: Preparing for the What-Ifs

Andia Dinesen, AFC ®
Military Saves Coordinator

‘What if’ can be a strong combination of words.  These two simple words can give many people a sense of panic when they start to think about factors they cannot control.  Lay-offs happen, downsizing of the military will happen, pay freezes happen, reductions of pay may happen.  Unfortunately, many of these types of ‘what ifs’ cannot be controlled by the individuals who are most affected by them.  What can be controlled is how well-prepared one is for these ‘what ifs’.

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How to Invest in Your Future While on Deployment

Deployment Roth TSP Savings Deposit Program
Written by Super User · 19 February 2013

How to Invest in Your Future While on Deployment

February 19, 2013
By Justin Melquist

In order to live a comfortable retirement, it is essential to set a retirement savings goal and to start saving early. Deployment is a perfect time to start saving due to the excellent benefits we receive as military members. Deploying to a tax-free zone or combat zone makes our already excellent investing options even more appealing. The Savings Deposit Program and the new Thrift Savings Plan ROTH option are both excellent ways to save while deployed.

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How Smart Financial Decisions Can Create Opportunities 

Written by | November 22, 2019

Written by Stephen Ross, America Saves Program Coordinator | November 22, 2019

Of the many stories Military Saves shares, most describe how someone was in dire straits financially and worked their way out of it with the help of Military Saves. This time we want to highlight a different kind of story. This is a story about how responsible financial decisions can build on one another to create opportunities you thought only the super-rich enjoy.


Setting a Goal Leads to Success

Written by Super User | May 24, 2019

Growing up, Marisa’s dad had always talked about saving first, but she said she didn’t really internalize it until much later. “I was drifting along with no plan, carrying a little bit of revolving debt, saving some money here and there, but without a real plan for it.”


When You Start Small, Saving is Easy

Written by Lila Quintiliani | August 12, 2019

When Attiyya first got married, she and her Marine husband had just graduated from college and were focused on paying off student loan debt. They had both attended private schools and had sizeable loans. Then three months after the wedding, the couple found out they were pregnant with their first child.

The first year of their marriage, says Attiyya, was a balancing act between paying down debt and saving for the future.