Financial Resources at Your Fingertips: My Military & Money App for Servicemembers

If you are like many people today who are connected to their smart phones at all times, you’ll be happy to know that there are several free apps available that help you budget, create a savings plan, and even save for retirement.

My Military and MoneyOne of the best apps for servicemembers is My Military & Money. This free app is part of the My Military & Money website provided by the Better Business Bureau and McGraw Hill Financial. It was set up to provide servicemembers and their families with tools and resources to achieve and maintain financial freedom. The app includes training videos, articles, and interactive tools, and is available for iPhone or Android devices.

The app has four sections including “Video Basic Training,” a “Financial Resources Toolbox,” “Action Center” and “Additional Resources.” The “Action Center” helps you to create a debt reduction plan, create a budget, and create a savings plan. The “Financial Resources Toolbox” provides resources on a variety of topics including credit cards, retirement, buying a home, and even deployment. The app even has a reminder function that prompts you to look over your financial plans each month. Why not have your phone work for you to help keep your finances in order? Get more information, view screenshots of the app, and download it today at

There are many banks and credit unions today that offer free mobile banking services. Many of these financial institutions also have free apps available to their customers that help you to manage your financial accounts. Several financial organizations have online games and apps for children, such as National Credit Union Association’s “Hit the Road” online financial game and American Banking Association‘s “Teach Children to Save” website.

Surely if they have games that teach children about money, it is likely they have also apps that help adults manage their financial accounts. Check with your bank or credit union to find out whether a free mobile app is available to you at your institution, and bring the power to manage your money to your fingertips!

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  • Written by Tammy G. Bruzon | February 3, 2017

    Learn financial lessons as a family. Make decisions and practice good $$ mgmt together: #BetterMoneyHabits #MSW2017

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