Keep Your Kids Entertained this Summer and Save!

Summer will be here soon and the kids will be home from school brimming with energy, and you will need to keep them busy. Here are a few ideas that will help you do just that – while saving you money.   

  • Get some culture. There are many museums that are free, and those that aren't will offer free admission to active duty, National Guard and Reserve military personnel, courtesy of Blue Star Museums program. Check to see if a museum near you participates in this program.
  • Take advantage of free events. These include local air shows, outdoor movies, festivals and concerts, or the zoo. Check your local newspapers event calendars to find free events in your area.
  • Check out local recreation centers. Many have summer programs for kids that are either free or low cost. You can Google “Department of Parks and Recreation” and input your city or county name to find where your local recreation centers in your area are located.
  • Get in touch with nature. Check out your local park and take a hike, go for a bike ride with the kids or take them on a nature trail. Many outdoor recreation centers rent items from mountain bikes to fishing gear. Find a list of national parks in your state at the National Park Service website.
  • Check out free DVDs. Save money by checking out DVDs from libraries instead of renting them. Libraries have come a long way and no longer just carry books to check out; they offer DVDs, audio books and some even have video games. Many military libraries offer these as well, so look into this free option before dishing out money on DVD rentals that can add up.

However you decide to spend your summer, make sure you make a spending plan. And if you need help with savings, visit the Military Saves website and take the Military Saves pledge. When you take the Pledge you set a specific goal and get access to our monthly resource newsletter, as well as the opportunity to get a free credit score from the FINRA foundation.

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