Saving as a Couple: How My Husband Caught the Savings Bug

29 August 2012
By Andia Dinesen AFC ®
Military Saves Coordinator

While my husband and I have grown as a couple over the last decade and a half, we have also grown individually. About three years ago I became very interested in personal finance. My husband didn’t necessarily grow with me in that direction.  Mostly, I was interested in how couples dealt with their finances together. It is hard to find a couple where each person has the same exact ideas about money.  There are many things that affect the way someone feels about their finances.  It is quite personal, hence the name.  Although when you are one half of a couple, you have to make important financial decisions together, which can be challenging at times.

I felt as if I was always trying to pull my husband over to the “good” side -- the saving-our-money-for-the-future side.  I wanted to convince him to save for all the things I thought we should to save for: college education for the kids, a future vehicle, a new couch, our retirement, yearly vacations, a fund for home repairs.  Although, I never sat down with him and said, “Hey, let’s talk about all these goals I think we should have for our savings, and see what you think.”  Until the day I finally did.  As it turns out, as soon as I showed him the plans for our savings, he was on his way to catching the Savings Bug.  We altered some goals, made some new ones together, and set specific timelines for them.  It was amazing how when I included him in the planning and goal-making, how much more he was inclined to save for all those goals with me.

While I always joke with him that he caught the Savings Bug, really, I was the one who finally caught on.  I didn’t need to keep trying to convince him that we should save for this and that. I just had to make him part of the conversation.  Of course, I also have to remember that he will always want to save for that cool car over clothes and shoes!  We will always differ on some things.

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