National Retirement Security Week Resource Packet

This month we want to help military savers create a plan to save more towards retirement and understand their current retirement options available through military service.

October 16-22 is National Retirement Security Week! 

This month we want to help military savers create a plan to save more towards retirement and understand their current retirement options available through military service. At Military Saves, we believe in making the journey to saving simple.

For the month of October, we’ve created and gathered easily digestible tips, content, and resources to help make saving easier for the military and their families, as well as understand what retirement options are available to them, whether they serve a full 20 years or less. 

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We’re still celebrating National Retirement Security Month. This is the perfect opportunity to review your retirement options and clearly understand them. 

 Here are five simple things service members should know about the Blended Retirement System from @MilitarySaves, along with a helpful guide that breaks down the Military’s Blended Retirement System: https://militarysaves.org/media/c1vgbvkt/blendedretirementsystem_2018nw-min.pdf 

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It’s never too late to start planning for the future. Jumpstart your military retirement with these six steps and this helpful blog post from the @MilitarySaves team. 



The TSP component of the Blended Retirement System allows 85% of service members to leave military service with retirement benefits even if they aren’t eligible for full retirement. Learn more about your TSP: https://militarysaves.org/resource-center/insights/your-tsp-how-to-make-your-money-work-for-you/ 


Commit yourself to saving more effectively and successfully for retirement by having a savings plan! Take the Military Saves Pledge today at MilitarySaves.org 


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  1. What’s one simple way you’ve started planning for your military retirement?
  2. FB & IG Poll Idea: Do you understand your military retirement options?
  3. FB Post & Twitter: What parts of the Blended Retirement System do you wish you understood more?
  4. If you are retiring from the military, do you plan on working afterward?

Blog Posts:


Blog Post for Military Spouses: 



Life After Retirement: Will You Have Enough?



6 Steps To Jumpstart Your Retirement Journey When You're Military



Partner Blog Posts:


Retiring From The Military: Expectations vs. Reality (FINRED)



Blended Retirement System Comparison Calculator (MilitaryPay.Gov)



How Active Duty Can Use The Official Blended Retirement System Calculator (Military One Source)



“It really starts with asking the hard questions. How we want retirement to look like, so we can make a plan and understand what it’s going to take to get there.” 

Meet Jennifer, a business owner & military spouse who began to think about #retirement early thanks to her upbringing.  Watch here

Military Saves Resources & Tools:

Free Financial Counseling and Coaching As we’ve mentioned before, tax time provides many with a great opportunity to make positive changes in their financial lives. Because of this, there’s no better time than now to connect with a free financial counselor or coach! At America Saves we believe that all Americans deserve access to a qualified financial professional. That’s why we teamed up with AFCPE® and the Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN) to offer financial coaches and counselors to our Savers at no cost to them! 


At a time when many will be figuring out how to best put their refunds to use, an Accredited Financial Counselor or Coach can help individuals get a clear view of where they are, identify a path to achieve their goals, and connect them with many local resources that can help. Additionally, encouraging your community to take of free counseling or coaching is a proactive way to help them build financial confidence.

To learn more about this valuable partnership, including how to access the counseling services visit here: https://americasaves.org/resource-center/insights/free-financial-counseling/