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Like civilians, servicemembers and their families make many financial decisions every day on everything from where to eat and buy groceries to choosing where to bank and what type of credit card to apply for – all of which must be made wisely in order to make a positive impact on our lives. The GSA Consumer Action Handbook was created to help you with these types decisions.

The 2014 edition of the Consumer Action Handbook is now available to consumers and features information on topics including banking and buying a car, as well as avoiding identity theft and how to deal with telemarketers. The handbook even has a section on how to file a complaint regarding a good or service, accompanied by a sample complaint letter to use as a guide.

The handbook also addresses issues of importance to servicemembers. These topics include information on military personnel family centers (located on page 59), which provide helpful services like life skills education, employment assistance, and recreation programs. In addition, the handbook addresses sensitive topics like wills and funerals (located on page 51). Other important topics covered in the handbook that are helpful to servicemembers include:

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The Consumer Action Handbook is free of charge and available both in print and online. You can order a hard copy or download it online. Make sure you take advantage of this valuable guide with loads of information that can help you navigate your financial future. Visit the Consumer Action Handbook website page and download or order your copy today!